Monday, May 30, 2011

Titles Are Really Formalities Anyway...

I really just felt like writing because it has been a while since I had.  I really just wanted to write about the past month and a half or so of my life, but there really wasn't a suitable title for it.  I should probably start with the good and then move on to the bad and finish with the "paradigm shift" that is at the very least something that could define major aspects of my life (I'm kind of excited about it).

First, the good, I have recently been hired by The Home Depot as a cashier.  Thats obviously good because amongst other things my father has been urging me to get a job for around two years now.  I make enough money I can support my sophisticated lifestyle of video games, hanging out with friends, and watching television. I've been on the job for about two weeks now and all is well, everyone is nice and rather humorous.  I got my first paycheck yesterday so things are moving along quite nicely.  So there is the good, honestly I really enjoy my job, I don't things could be going much better in that regards.

Now the tough one, "The Bad".  In short "The Bad" is my grades.  I'm not one to sugar-coat it, try to ease you in to it, or even put it "lightly".  The fact of the matter is my grades were below "sub-par" (and mind you this isn't golf, sub-par is bad).  I don't think it is necessary for me to give much more detail.  I can tell you it is definitely my fault, I have no excuse or reasoning other than, "I dun f'd up", it happens, life happens.

And lastly, the much anticipated "paradigm shift".  Due to many personal realizations, some deliberation, and partly my academic performance I have made the decision that it will be best for me to return to Saint Louis and continue my education at Meramec Community College (of course for free using the A+ Program).  I feel that I must stress the fact that this was my decision and I was not forced to leave the University of Missouri.  I feel that I have more connections here in Saint Louis and when I'm here I feel that I have more of a drive to be successful and be responsible.  Mind you I am not "coming home" per-say, at the end of this summer I will be moving out of my parents house and in to a place of my own because I think it is important that I still live by myself.  As you can see this decision may be fairly controversial and will most likely raise many questions amongst family and friends, though I can personally say I am confident in my decision and thats all that really matters in this case.

So there you have it!  In summary; I got a cool job, I didn't put enough effort in to my academics, and I made a decision that I feel should help correct the fore mentioned academic performance and allow me to keep the cool job I was talking about.  For anyone that reads this, I welcome comments and any feedback (especially from family and friends).  Thanks for reading!

-Adam Dent

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  1. On the great farris wheel of life we have our ups and downs. It sounds like you are finally on the upswing.