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What's in a title?

I haven't written on here in what... 11ish years?  Essentially, that means I have not written for myself since then. I don't journal, I don't really post on social media much, and I don't really write for anything other than work and personal communication. On one hand, it feels absurd that I haven't let my brain just put thoughts to coherent text in over a decade, but on the other hand it seems that is par for the course. Follow through, discipline, and commitment is not my strong suit. How profound and unique, right? A white, male, human not keeping up with something! In any event, I didn't come here because I felt I had neglected this, writing in general, or even my own self-expression. Rather the urge to put thoughts to text struck in the midst of mild inebriation. Not even sure I have anything specific to say, but I gave in to the compulsion and trust that the urge was of importance for something. That urge in and of itself is intriguing I guess. I haven

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